Sport Court Now Uses SquareHook CMS Tool

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5 years ago

We have had the utmost pleasure putting together the new Sport Court website.  We are all users of their products-at one time or another, as well as a spectators of sports where athletes use their products on the daily.

Being the NCAA bracket tour, USA/Canada Volleyball, US Soccer Foundation, NBA Jam flooring specialists-there was a lot of pressure to make the World’s Largest Courtbuilder website stellar!


Sport Court wanted several things solved for them with a new website:

  1. Complete mobile functionality
  2. Easy edibility
  3. Ability to replicate pages
  4. Blogging tool to update latest news
  5. Easier user functionality for site visitors to navigate
  6. Gallery functionality based on sport and venue
  7. and more!

We were up for the challenge!  Sport Court had a great website to help glean from.  We began doing wire frames and heat maps to detect where users navigated and got stuck throughout the site.  Sport Court wanted users to better reach their final destination, and contact a dealer to find out more about a sport court.   With knew that ease of use was key, and linking pages and a breadcrumb trail throughout made it easier for users to get around.

With the combined talents of a SquareHook’s Creative Director and Sport Court’s Senior Graphic Designer, we were able to find a great look and feel that was completely responsive.


Our team custom programmed galleries that would be easy to search and scroll through, as well as adding a Pintrest function.


While creating individual sport pages, we learned a TON about sports as well as some sports that are more internationally known-netball anyone? 

We were even able to go on the tour of their Utah Headquarters, right before the NCAA Final Four. It was pretty rad to see the million dollar flooring!



With Sport Court reaching every continent around the globe, we had to make sure that they had an international translator on their site.


We’re really excited to work on further projects with Sport Court and Connor Sport Court!  Their products are amazing, and we hope they feel that their site reflects how wonderful their offerings are. :)

If you’re looking to upgrade your website or start from scratch, contact SquareHook!